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"We're all one thing, Lieutenant. That's what I've come to realize. Like cells in a body. 'Cept we can't see the body. The way fish can't see the ocean. And so we envy each other. Hurt each other. Hate each other. How silly is that? A heart cell hating a lung cell." - Cassie from THE THREE
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Roger Ebert, always quick with a quip, has a point. And he’s getting savaged for it. Maybe it’s not necessarily one appreciated by a large number of people, but the death of Ryan Dunn (and his passenger) should be examined through this lens, at least for the sake of perspective: If he had survived but his passenger hadn’t, the reaction to this story would be totally different. This is not to say that Dunn’s death isn’t sad and a total bummer for his family, his friends and his fans (us included), but Ebert has a point, one which even Perez Hilton’s commenters seem to agree with: The evidence suggests he drove drunk and ended two lives, one of them his own. Perhaps Ebert struck a little close to home. But ultimately, someone who needed to hear the message Ebert’s selling — don’t drink and drive — will hear it and heed it.



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Ebertfest 2011. Tilda Swinton bows to the Golden Thumb. Here is a great woman, and not without a sense of humor. A second later she actually licked the thumb. A shiny new dime for anyone who got a photo of that moment. Make that three shiny dimes.”

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Roger Ebert’s crush on Tilda is my favorite.

Much of the excitement centers on the tensile strength of steel.
You have to admire his nerve. It takes a certain gall to go on television and know less than the average, and even the below-average, television watcher. Historic events are taking place in the Middle East and he is one clueless puppy.
As she read the major nominees, it must have occurred to last year’s Oscar winner Mo’Nique that this was a rare year in modern times when no African-American was nominated.

I’m pretty sure I would go see @ebertchicago do stand-up.

This is exactly what I needed today.

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