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"We're all one thing, Lieutenant. That's what I've come to realize. Like cells in a body. 'Cept we can't see the body. The way fish can't see the ocean. And so we envy each other. Hurt each other. Hate each other. How silly is that? A heart cell hating a lung cell." - Cassie from THE THREE
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Patti Smith,
Easter (Remastered)

I am so fucking clever.

Any book advertised with and establishing its setting with the line “it was the summer Coltrane” died is just going to be pretentious and self-absorbed. It sounds like the opening of a poem by a college freshman, not punk icon Patti Smith. There is nothing punk about “Just Kids,” Smith’s memoir of her early years in New York City and her relationship with future controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Instead, it’s wistful, sweet, and nostalgic, which are words never used before to describe the works of Patti Smith. Even if you’re a big Smith fan, you might want to skip it, especially since you’ve probably already read a book or seen a movie about people are young, in love, have a dream, but are poor, but dammit we’re happy, so happy.


Click on the photo to be taken to a new video interview with Polly recorded yesterday. She talks about her Mercury Prize win, her reasons for making the album, her influences (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Patti Smith, Stanley Kubrick) and fellow Mercury Prize nominees Everything Everything and Anna Calvi.

Probably one of my favourite interviews from this period. Worth watching!

Watch this.


I have this fantasy that when Patti Smith performs “Rock N’ Roll Nigger” live, she namechecks current celebrities in the bridge (“Jimi Hendrix was a nigger, Jesus Christ and Grandma too, Jackson Pollack was a nigger”) to make it fresh. Literally at least 25% of my day is spent imagining Patti Smith yelling “Julie Bowen was a nigger!” and the like.

That’s all.

I just made myself lol with “Slavoj Žižek was a nigger!”

So very sorry, everyone.

I have this fantasy that when Patti Smith performs “Rock N’ Roll Nigger” live, she namechecks current celebrities in the bridge (“Jimi Hendrix was a nigger, Jesus Christ and Grandma too, Jackson Pollack was a nigger”) to make it fresh. Literally at least 25% of my day is spent imagining Patti Smith yelling “Julie Bowen was a nigger!” and the like.

That’s all.

She’s a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and an award-winning author, but “Godmother of Punk” Patti Smith says picking up acting wasn’t so easy.

"I’ve never really acted, but I highly respect the craft," she says of her upcoming role on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. “I knew that it wasn’t going to be simple, but it was a little more daunting than I expected.”

In “Icarus,” airing Sunday at 9/8c on USA, Detectives Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Eames (Kathryn Erbe) must investigate a Broadway musical after an actor dies while performing a stunt. The case, based off of the many injuries stemming from Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, pushes Goren to call upon an old friend, Columbia University mythology professor Cleo Alexander (Smith), to help figure out the meaning behind Icarus (a metaphor for failed ambition).

Smith was brought on to the show by D’Onofrio and says he proved to be a great teacher, giving her direction “that will last a lifetime.”

"He’s been taught by the greatest, and he taught me, so I feel like if I had to do it again, I’d be really good," she says. "He’s such a great actor, such a great director and becoming such a good friend."

Well this is just about the most random thing I’ve ever seen. There are clips on the article page that I couldn’t figure out how to embed. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Revisiting Philip Glass’ Minimal Piano Works last night reminded me of this footage from Dream of Life of him and Patti Smith paying tribute to Allen Ginsberg at his memorial.

Powerful stuff.

The amount I desire to be the third person in this picture is obscene.

Snuck this pic at the Robert Mapplethorpe retrospective in Berlin. #badassslashclassless

In January, I went on my first business trip (likely one and only with this job) to LA.  I went the weekend before to hang out with friends, and randomly got to meet Patti Smith.

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Patti Smith,
Piss Factory

Sixteen and time to pay off 
I got this job in a piss factory inspecting pipe 
Forty hours thirty-six dollars a week 
But it’s a paycheck, Jack. 
It’s so hot in here, hot like Sahara 
You could faint in the heat 
But these bitches are just too lame to understand 
Too goddamned grateful to get this job 
To know they’re getting screwed up the ass 
All these women they got no teeth or gum or cranium 
And the way they suck hot sausage 
But me well I wasn’t sayin’ too much neither 
I was moral school girl hard-working asshole 
I figured I was speedo motorcycle 
I had to earn my dough, had to earn my dough 

But no you gotta, you gotta [relate, babe,] 
You gotta find the rhythm within 
Floor boss slides up to me and he says 
"Hey sister, you just movin’ too fast, 
You screwin’ up the quota, 
You doin’ your piece work too fast, 
Now you get off your mustang sally 
You ain’t goin’ nowhere, you ain’t goin’ nowhere.” 
I lay back. I get my nerve up. I take a swig of Romilar 
And walk up to hot shit Dot Hook and I say 
"Hey, hey sister it don’t matter whether I do labor fast or slow, 
There’s always more labor after.” 
She’s real Catholic, see. She fingers her cross and she says 
"There’s one reason. There’s one reason. 
You do it my way or I push your face in. 
We knee you in the john if you don’t get off your get off your mustang Sally, 
If you don’t shake it up baby.” Shake it up, baby. Twist & shout” 
Oh that I could will a radio here. James Brown singing 
"I Lost Someone" or the Jesters and the Paragons 
And Georgie Woods the guy with the goods and Guided Missiles … 
But no, I got nothin’, no diversion, no window, 
Nothing here but a porthole in the plaster, in the plaster, 
Where I look down, look at sweet Theresa’s convent 
All those nurses, all those nuns scattin’ ‘round 
With their bloom hoods like cats in mourning. 
Oh to me they, you know, to me they look pretty damn free down there 
Down there not having crystal smooth 
Not having to smooth those hands against hot steel 
Not having to worry about the [inspeed] the dogma the [inspeed] of labor 
They look pretty damn free down there, 
And the way they smell, the way they smell 
And here I gotta be up here smellin’ Dot Hook’s midwife sweat 
I would rather smell the way boys smell— 
Oh those schoolboys the way their legs flap under the desks in study hall 
That odor rising roses and ammonia 
And way their dicks droop like lilacs 
Or the way they smell that forbidden acrid smell 
But no I got, I got pink clammy lady in my nostril 
Her against the wheel me against the wheel 
Oh slow motion inspection is drivin’ me insane 
In steel next to Dot Hook — oh we may look the same— 
Shoulder to shoulder sweatin’ 110 degrees 
But I will never faint, I will never faint 
They laugh and they expect me to faint but I will never faint 
I refuse to lose, I refuse to fall down 
Because you see it’s the monotony that’s got to me 
Every afternoon like the last one 
Every afternoon like a rerun next to Dot Hook 
And yeah we look the same 
Both pumpin’ steel, both sweatin’ 
But you know she got nothin’ to hide 
And I got something to hide here called desire 
I got something to hide here called desire 
And I will get out of here— 
You know the fiery potion is just about to come 
In my nose is the taste of sugar 
And I got nothin’ to hide here save desire 
And I’m gonna go, I’m gonna get out of here 
I’m gonna get out of here, I’m gonna get on that train, 
I’m gonna go on that train and go to New York City 
I’m gonna be somebody, I’m gonna get on that train, go to New York City, 
I’m gonna be so bad I’m gonna be a big star and I will never return, 
Never return, no, never return, to burn out in this piss factory 
And I will travel light. 
Oh, watch me now.