I Was Born Free

"We're all one thing, Lieutenant. That's what I've come to realize. Like cells in a body. 'Cept we can't see the body. The way fish can't see the ocean. And so we envy each other. Hurt each other. Hate each other. How silly is that? A heart cell hating a lung cell." - Cassie from THE THREE

Great TV.

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Fuck, can anyone lend me $300??

  • Interviewer: What is it like working on the final season of The Newsroom?
  • Emily Mortimer: I love knowing that it is coming to a conclusion. I’m so excited about it. I am making sure to savor every second.

Stirring endorsement of pedophilia by Dave Barry


when you shall arrive
as deep
as you will need go

to catch the blackfish
the hook
has been featly baited

by the art you have
you do catch them


with what thoroughness
you know
seize that glistening

body translated
that language you

will understand gut
roast garnish and


serve to yourself who
eat and enjoy

however you
and share

that blackfish heft
and shine
is your own

—William Carlos Williams

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God fucking bless Roseanne.